W8TRB Mototrbo Repeaters

We were the first permanant Mototrbo Repeater system in Ohio. The information provided below should be considered the ONLY official and accurate source of information. Several groups like to try and provide a single source of information, but it is often incorrect or out of date.

CODIG has always maintained its own independant network. We have sponsored and provided access to Talkgroups from several other networks including DCI, DMR-MARC and others. All W8TRB repeaters are currently located in Franklin County and are open to all. The W5BSG repeater is very low profile and is used for connectivity to the Armadillo Intertie Network.

VHF - 145.370 -600KHz Color Code 1

UHF - 443.150 +5Mhz Color Code 1

900 - 927.0125 -25Mhz Color Code 1

Time Slot 1
WW1PTT World Wide to reach of repeaters around the globe
NA3Always North American to reach NA english speaking nations
WW EN13PTT Access to English speaking users around to globe
Bridge3100PTTConnected to Brandmeister Server
COMM 13777215PTTOriginal Talkgroup from DCI
CMH LOCAL Alt43298AlwaysAlternate Columbus Network
Time Slot 2
CMH VHF43295Alwaysconverstaions limited to the CMH VHF Repeater only
CMH UHF43296Alwayssame as above except UHF
CHM 90043297Alwayssame as above except 900 Mhz
CMH LOCAL43299AlwaysAll Columbus DMR repeaters connected together
OHIO 3139AlwaysAll DMR repeaters in Ohio with the statewide TG
MIDWEST 3169AlwaysTalkgroup covering 13 states
COMM 2 3777216PTTOriginal Talkgroup from DCI
TAC 18951PTTWorldwide Talk
TAC 310310PTTNorth America Talk
TAC 311311PTTNorth America Talk
TAC 312312PTTNorth America Talk
UA 113113PTTWorldwide English Talk
UA 123123PTTWorldwide English Talk
PARROT9998PTTEcho Test
AUDTEST9999PTTAudio Meter

This information can and will be changing. Please refer to this list for accurate information